Ponton Large Property Land $ 2,034,837 / AWG 3,622,010

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, Ponton
8,101 m2
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The above mentioned property is a lot in between some houses at the west-side next to the boundary of Ponton/Tank Lender and at the east-side an undeveloped area.

The undeveloped area has been sub-divided into allotments for future commercial development and/or housing projects.

The property is a piece of property land (self-ownership) of 8.101 square meters and is very conveniently located, for residential and/or commercial purposes.

The property is situated almost on the boundary of the north side of Ponton and further north and east, right on the boundary of Tanki Lender.

At the northern side of this property there is this recently open the new highway cross road, the Watty Vos Boulevard, starting from the Queen Beatrix Int'l Airport leading all the way to the hotel areas.

This belt-railway give easy accessibility to the hotel areas and wil cross/pass right in front and at the north side of this property in question.

The property is accessible via the east- and west side from the following streets:

At the west side, the property has indirect connection with an asphalted road by the name of "Caya E.D. Petronia", which is connected on the main road leading to the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad.

At the east side the property has indirect connection with an asphalted road, the Kamerlingh Onnesstraat, which crosses all the way through Tank Lender and Solito to Oranjestad.

At the south side the asphalted road Tuturutustraat, which is connected to Caya Ernesto Petronia at the west-side and the Kamerlingh Onnesstraat at the east-side.

The property is easy accessible via this traffic circle and is located approximately two (2) kilometer away from the downtown business, shopping- and entertainment district.

At the west-side, the property bonds with several residential homes and at the south-, north- and far east-side across the streets the property bonds with residential homes as well and apparently in good conditions.

The property is ideally situated within approx. 5 minutes driving distance to all parts of downtown business, shopping- and entertainment district of Aruba.

As stated above, the property wil be probably designed and developed for commercial and/or combination commercial/living purposes, primarily due to its highly desirable location and its lot size.

The property is located in one of the most exclusive residential area of Aruba.

Its immediate proximity to the main road "Caya Ernesto Petronia", which is connectedon the main street leading to the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad, makes the property easy accessible.

The property might be accessible via the the Watty Vos Boulevard, the belt-railway from the Queen Beatrix Int'l Airport and/or from the hotel area and via this traffic circle makes the location of the property even more desirable.

The property is an empty lot with no buildings and is partially fenced and has the entire infrastructure necessary around it for a future development.

The property had been recently clean-up from heavy vegetation and a masonry fence had been built at the north- and east side.

At the west side, it bonds with the existing masonry wall fence from the neighbors and at the south side, it is unfenced to give access to the property.

For More information contact: Minouche Hamers 297- 5934014

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