Monastery Estate in Down Town Oranjestad! $ 115,000 / AWG 204,700

Condominium for sale
De la Salle Straat #13, Oranjestad
Property land
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The monastery brings back all the elements of the times from 1937 when 13 brothers came to Aruba to take over schools. We will welcome you in a unique experience: The Monastery. The brand new boutique in the heart of Oranjestad with international character will be ready to open its door october 2018. Powered by the principal marketing department The Monastery refers to our small but oh so beautiful Aruba. The Monastery knows all the extremes together. The Monastery is therefore determined to remain etched in your memory, when u pass bye or stay there.

17 loft apartments

  1 double ground floor apartment  

  1 restaurant lounge with terrace in the front

The vereniging van eigenaren bestaat in total uit : 19 members because of 18 lots plus restaurant

Prices are as followed:


Groundfloor 115.000 dollar per unit

Groundfoor  180.000 dollar for the double unit

First floor 125 000 dollar per unit

Top floor 135.000 dollar per unit

The prices have $20.000-dollar interior in the price therefore, it is less cost for the transfer taxes at the notary for the closing costs.

Aircondioning will be placed with guarantee of 1 year

Its all fully furnished

Payment schedule:


Down payment is 30.000 dollar for ground floor single units

                            50.000 dollar for other units

1 month later with signing half of the full price

Week for opening building the outstanding amount plus the cost

Monthly Maintenance fee to be paid:  $150 dollars a month

Opening hotel is set for October first, with an escape of 1 month, so latest is November 1, 2018

For more information call Muna: +297-5934647 Email:

Interior Features
SpaPoolside restaurant
Secure reserved parking
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